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More than just buying a dress

The Experience

Enjoy a personal, friendly appointment with one of our experienced bridal advisors.

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Warm welcome

You will be greeted at the door before being taken to our cosy consultation area where we can get to know you and your aspirations for your big day. Over some tea and biscuits you and your guests can share your vision with us before we head to the gallery where your dream dress could be waiting.

A fantastic range of gowns

Style Guidance

Your wedding dress is going to be one of the most memorable things about your wedding day. It should be stunning, accentuate your figure and showcase your beauty. Here is some helpful information to make shopping for your perfect wedding dress that little bit easier.


Your appointment

It is important that you listen to our advice and suggestions, even if it means trying on dresses you don’t think you’ll like. One of the most important things to remember when shopping for a wedding dress is to never judge a dress by how it looks on the rail. It’s best to always try a variety on because you might just surprise yourself. You could end up falling in love with a dress you never would have looked at twice when it was on the hanger.

When you’ve been looking at dresses for hours and you finally find the right one, you’re not likely to be thinking about choosing the accessories just yet. However, it is a good idea to talk with us about veils and belts and so on before you leave the studio. Your choice of veil and other accessories should serve to enhance your dress.

Know your budget – Have a budget in mind before your arrive, and don’t forget to leave some for accessories and alterations if needed.

Wear/Bring the right underwear – The right undergarments will help you with the wedding dress fitting for accessories.

Bring with you the people whose opinion matters most, it’s important to distinguish between those that will help you find your dress, and those you want to see you in your dress once its been found.

Wear just enough make up to feel confident – wear just enough makeup that you feel presentable if you plan to wear make up on your wedding day, but remember less is more and please don’t use to much foundation and avoid fake tan in order to avoid damaging the dresses.

Be truthful – We can’t assist you properly if you don’t tell us how you really feel. Don’t worry we won’t be offended.

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Our bridal adviser will take time to find out what you are looking for so you can find your perfect dress.

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